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Anger and Tea

Has your place of business ever had a bomb threat? Libraries around the Chicago are have. No library should ever have this happen. Libraries are sanctuaries, quiet places, relaxing, fun places. The terror of a bomb threat is not supposed to happen in my place of happiness. It infuriates me that someone has made librarians even more fearful of going to work.

I travel to Boston often because my son is a student at Suffolk University. I made a point during my last trip to visit the Boston Public Library with a friend. This is one of the oldest libraries in the country and is an architectural gem. There are marble floors and statues, wooden book shelves lining walls and large wooden tables. There is a courtyard between the oldest part of the library and the updated areas which contains a bar and tearoom.

During this trip I booked high tea at the Library. It was fantastic! Once seated, each person is presented with a book containing the menu of the day. (I was presented with Alice Walker's Possessing the Secret of Joy.) I picked a lovely tea to go with my service and then the tray came with all the little sandwiches and sweets. It was such a treat! For the next two hours between nibbles and sips my friend and I were able to chat about things from our past when we worked together in Japan and to catch up on our current lives. This is a whole new level of appreciation for a library that I never dreamed of before. Yes, some libraries have a coffee shop in them, but this is a different level!

The succession at Helen Plum has been completed. Claudia Krauspe has retired and Anne Luzinecki has succeeded her as the new director. I only worked with Claudia for less than a year, but she was a wonderful person to guide me into the roll of trustee. Anne has been on the staff of Helen Plum for a number of years and is making a smooth transition into her new roll. Working with her will be a great adventure. I hope that everyone reading this will stop in and wish Anne well!

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