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The May 2023 Helen Plum Board meeting didn't have a lot of business to attend to, but the 2nd meeting June was all business. It was the annual budget! There was a lot to review and because of the new building there are estimates, but no hard numbers. We realize that we will have to make some adjustment. We are working hard to make sure that the tax dollars we are given are allocated correctly.

Most of the big expenses associated with the new building have been taken care of and we are moving money into a special reserve. Just as a household budge has a savings account for replacement costs of large ticket items, the library is creating the same fund so we do not have to go back to tax payers in 10 years to request money for new carpet. This account is not for the day to day running of the library, but those larger projects that were not funded in the former location leading to some larger problems.

The budget was not the only item of business on our agenda. There was discussion on the Land Acknowledgement Program. Helen Plum Library will have Chief White Winnebago speaking about the history of the indigenous people of the area and how they were removed from the land when it was settled by US settlers. It is very important to make a full acknowledgement that the land we claim/own in Lombard is not ours and was stripped from the native people. Please come listen to the information on June 24 and the attend the ceremony on June 29th.

As always, check my website often for updates and what I am reading.

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